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International qualifications

ITEC has a close working partnership with over 650 approved centres worldwide, and has offices in London, South Africa and Asia Pacific and representation in Ireland and the United States of America. ITEC offers centres and learners high quality regulated qualifications for employability, specialist subjects and skills enhancement. The ITEC portfolio includes qualifications in beauty and spa therapy, complementary therapies, sports and fitness, hairdressing and customer service sectors.

Our history

Founded in 1947

ITEC was founded by Dr WE Arnould Taylor a distinguished physiologist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine specialising in the field of physical therapy and obesity. In the early years Dr Arnould Taylor worked closely with Mr Wallace Sharps who was known as the ‘Father of Beauty Therapy’ and who founded the Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT). Together they were involved in researching and developing theories on figure improvement resulting in the production of para-medical machines and equipment for specific purposes and in setting up training and educational systems that formulated the core and growth of the beauty therapy industry. Both men devoted their lives to developing the standing of the industry and the furtherance of education in the sector.

Meet the Management Team

Alan Woods OBE

Chief Executive

Ashley Barnes

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Carina Fagan

Chief Academic Officer

Janet Field

Chief Financial Officer

Collette Lux

Chief Marketing Officer

Kelly Huntington

Head of UK Sales

Laura Connell

Head of Qualifications and Processing

Lucy Strand

Head of Assessment

Keith Scott

Head of ICT

Jenny Sworder

Chair of the Trustees

Isabel Sutcliffe

Vice-Chair of Trustees

Stephanie Fosh


Dan Carlin Trustee

Dan Carlin


Julian Glicher



Meri Huws


Jayne Lewis-Orr Trustee

Jayne Lewis-Orr


Andrew Mondon


Katy Quinn


Stephanie Richardson


Lesley Shepperson


Board of Trustees

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