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Thank you for your interest in becoming an iTEC approved centre.

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Please ensure you have read all of the documentation on this page, as it will help you to complete the form more easily.

We will then conduct some initial checks and put you in contact with a member of our Business Development Team.




Registration Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming an approved centre to deliver our qualifications. Completing and submitting the expression of interest form is the first step in our approval process. We have provided the following short overview of the approval process.

  • Submit your Expression of Interest form

  • We will conduct a few background checks, which may include a credit check.

  • If you pass our initial background checks, your details will be passed onto our Business Development Team. Our BD Team will provide you with more information about becoming an approved centre, and will look more closely at your business plan and other factors to decide if you should progress to the application phase.

  • If you are recommended to proceed to the next stage, you will be supplied with a copy of our application form. We will collect further details about your centre and will confirm the exact qualifications that you are looking to receive approval for (you will be invoiced the approval fee once we have received the completed application form).

  • Based on your application, we will decide whether we need to conduct an approval visit, or if we can proceed based on evidence of approval from other awarding organisations.

  • If you require an approval visit, we will arrange for one of our EQAs/Examiners to conduct an approval visit to your centre; the EQA/Examiner will check that you meet the requirements of our approval criteria and centre agreement.

  • After confirmation that you have met our requirements, we will send out confirmation of approval and you will be able to register learners with us.

How much does it cost to be an approved centre?

The table below gives an overview of the fees for applications.

Application Type Approval Visit Fee Desktop Approval Fee
Centre Registration Fee (once only) £900 £900
Additional Centre/Venue fee £750 £750

Please email customerservices@itecworld.co.uk for the service fee list for non-UK centres.

To view our qualification prices, please look at our Price Books page

A Superior Trainer Experience

ITEC affords a superior experience for training organisations. An experience that is grounded in understanding our centres from working with them closely, having subject experts with proven expertise and having aligned systems and processes that make things easier. Some principle highlights in the training organisation experience include:

1. Utilising a superior, purpose-built IT system, ITEC e-World that has been developed to help our centres face the challenges and more importantly, take advantage of the opportunities technology can provide.

Key Functionality:

  • e-Portfolio -that links seamlessly to the ITEC examination system and is directly linked to the ITEC results system enabling lecturers to desktop assess learners and monitor milestone achievements (particularly important for Ofsted).
  • e-Learning Resources – with its potential to reduce class hours through directed study, providing relevant support material to learners and on-line text books for tutors and learners.
  • Online Theory Testing
  • Preliminary Marks
  • Online Claims

2. Having a named ITEC Account Manager who you can meet on a regular basis.

3. Working with ITEC personnel who have worked in the hair and beauty sector and are highly experienced in the assessment and award process.

4. Having a Transition Team appointed to work closely with our clients during the first 90 days.

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External Quality Assurance


Qualifications that consist mainly of internal assessment, such as all NVQ programmes, some Hairdressing VRQs and some Complementary Therapy qualifications, are subject to an external verification requirement. An ITEC External Quality Assurer (EQA) will contact your centre once registrations have been received, to arrange a verification visit.

During the visit, the EQA will:

  • Meet with the Internal Quality Assurer (IQA)/Quality Auditor and check relevant documentation on Centre Quality control
  • Observe assessors/tutors carrying out the assessment process in a realistic working/learning environment and meet with new assessors (as appropriate)
  • Verify the assessment process
  • Check candidate portfolios of evidence and written test papers/results
  • Check action (if any) from previous visit has been resolved/completed
  • Agree with the IQA/Quality Auditor any action required

At the visit, centres will need to provide:

  • All learner portfolios of evidence/record of assessment books, written test papers and results
  • Updated information for new assessors and their qualifications
  • A list of candidates registered for the qualification(s) to be verified
  • Access to tracking documents showing completed/internally verified learners
  • Feedback from Quality Auditor/IQA on the performance of the assessor(s)
  • Details of any changes or updated policies that the centre has
  • Details of any personnel changes

During the visit, the EQA will compile information relating to their finding from the visit, and an EQA report will be produced.

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