Where can I find the FAQs from the webinars?

VTCT and iTEC Statement on coronavirus (COVID-19)

Where can I find the syllabus, candidate guidance notes and case study information?

What is the minimum age to register onto the iTEC courses?

The minimum age varies, depending on the different qualifications.

  • Entry Level to Level 1 and selected Level 2 (theory) qualifications: 14-16 year olds
  • Level 2 (practical) qualifications onwards: 16 year olds+

Please refer to the individual qualification specifications for specific qualification requirements.

What is the time limit between sitting practical exams and resits?

There is no time limit – the Centre/College to arrange when it suits their schedule

What do the abbreviations on the results documentation mean?

Th Theory
Pr Practical
CS Case Studies
AS Assignment
OA Optional Assignment
PE Porfolio of Evidence
TE Treatment of Evidence
TR Treatment Records
PA Practical Assessment

What do I do if I suspect that there is an error in an exam paper?

Notify us immediately exams@itecworld.co.uk / +44 (0) 2380 684500. We will give instructions for the steps to take.


Which qualifications can be used for APL/RPL?

You can perform a thorough mapping of the completed qualification against the learning outcomes of the units that you are requiring iTEC to RPL and forward this with the registration/enrolment form. You can enclose the certificate or diploma for the completed qualification if the units are the same as the units of the iTEC qualification.

The general rule is that RPL will most likely be accepted for any equivalent unit’s accredited at the same level on a qualifications framework containing similar learning outcomes. Certifications will not be accepted where they have been issued by training providers, Associations or manufacturer’s where there is no Government accreditation or external quality assurance involved. However, you may be able to exempt your learners from re-studying some of the learning outcomes once you have established the level and depth of any previous learning that has taken place, and allow them to only take the exams at the end.

Please remind your learners that where RPL is granted a pass mark of 60% is entered onto the iTEC system (as iTEC did not undertake the previous assessment) and may affect the overall aggregate mark.

You will find our RPL policy under our Policies and Procedures section here.

What is the procedure for making a complaint?

Click here to access the iTEC Complaints Procedure.

What do I need in order to teach iTEC qualifications?

  • 3 years’ experience in the therapy you want to teach.
  • An iTEC qualification in the therapy you want to teach or an approved equivalent qualification
  • In order to teach in further or adult education in the UK, you will need to obtain a nationally recognised teaching qualification.

How do I book exams?

To book your theory and practical exams, log in to the Centre admin system here. If you would like to request a login for this system please email approval@itecworld.co.uk (please note that requests for logins must come from registered centre staff and access is dependent on the job role of the person requesting the login).

You need to offer three alternative dates for your practical exam and provide the dates for your theory exam. For Internally assessed qualifications you will need to complete the Candidate Registration Form.

Video guides on how to use the Centre admin system can be found here.

Alternatively, you can use the manual booking form here.

How early/ late can the centre book examinations?

Centres can book examinations up to one year in advance and must send their booking request to us no later than 12 weeks before the first examination date. Click here for further information on available dates.

Can I amend a registered learner’s name?

  • If the error is on registration and is a clear typo (Davis to Davies) email centreprocessing@vtct.org.uk confirming the details
  • If the error is on registration and is a profound name change (David to Steven) email centreprocessing@vtct.org.uk confirming the details, and include a photocopy of the accompanying documentation, e.g. Passport / Driving Licence

If a name error was made upon registration you will need to return the certificate and unit transcript to us by recorded delivery along with a letter of explanation and accompanying documentation, e.g. Passport / Driving Licence.

Our postal address:

Aspire House

10 Annealing Close



SO50 9PX


Note: fees apply, please refer to the Service fees document

I need to make a change to a booking and/or I have missed off a student from the enrolments?

Please confirm any changes by emailing registration@itecworld.co.uk

Please ensure you include the Booking Reference #, correct spelling of the student name etc..

Can the centre contact the Examiner directly?

iTEC are unable to provide phone numbers for our Examiners. If you would like an Examiners iTEC email address please email a request to exams@itecworld.co.uk

I have not received my papers yet?

Please email exams@itecworld.co.uk or call +44 (0) 23 8068 4503 making sure that you provide the booking reference.

How do centres become an iTEC approved centre?

Complete and submit the Expression of Interest form on the Become a Centre page of this website. Once we have completed a few checks, you will be contacted by a Business Development Manager to discuss your plans. Following successful discussions, you will be invited to complete and submit a full application form, available from your Business Development Manager.

How long does the approval process take?

Following receipt of a full application form, and payment of the approval fee, arrangements for an approval visit can be made. As this process is determined by both centre and iTEC availability the timing for approval can vary dependent on individual centre circumstances.

We are an iTEC registered centre. What do we need to provide to offer an additional course?

Please complete the Application for Qualification Approval Form which you will find in the ‘Document Library’ after logging in to the iTEC system.

If you have any questions please email approval@itecworld.co.uk

What do I do if I suspect that there is an error in an exam paper?

Notify us immediately exams@itecworld.co.uk / +44 (0) 2380 684500. We will give instructions for the steps to take.


What is my lifetime registration/enrolment/learner number?

You can find your lifetime registration number on any certificate that you have been awarded. If you do not know your number then you can contact customer support who will be happy to supply you with your registration number. The number is useful for requesting a replacement or e-certificate, or to ensure accurate registration should you change centres.

Where can I study an iTEC course?

You will need to locate an iTEC approved centre (college, school, training provider). To Find your local iTEC registered centre click here

How much is the course?

Fees are set by the centre (college, school, training provider) that you attend. Please contact the centre that you would like to attend. You can locate your local centre here.

When are the exams held?

Exam dates and locations are set by your centre (college, school, training provider) and only they are able to advise you about exam dates and locations.

What happens if I haven’t completed the case studies/assessments in time for the practical exam?

Once you have completed all the specified assessments for the qualification and your lecturer has awarded a pass mark for all the evidence you have submitted, you will have a final external practical exam carried out by the iTEC examiner.

Can iTEC give me my results over the phone?

No. All result enquiries need to be directed to your centre (college, school, training provider).

When and how will I get my results?

When iTEC have received the theory papers from the centre (college, school, training provider), the results are sent back to the centre 20 working days later. Your centre will then send out your results directly to you.

Can I re-sit an exam if I fail?

Please contact your centre (college, school, training provider) who should be able to arrange a re-sit for you.

Can I re-sit an exam at another iTEC college?

You will need to contact another iTEC Registered centre to find out if they have exams and that they are happy for you to attend. You will also need permission from your current centre to allow you to transfer to another centre.

I’m not happy with my results, what do I do?

Students can only appeal their grade if the centre (college, school, training provider) are in support of the appeal. If the college are in agreement to support the appeal they must read the iTEC Appeals Procedure found here and send all documentation to iTEC. If the centre do not support the appeal the student must re-sit the exam.

I want to make a complaint, what do I do?

You can access the iTEC Complaints Procedure here. Students must first take up any complaint with their centre (college, school, training provider) and provide the centre with the opportunity to resolve it. If the centre’s response is unsatisfactory you will need to complete the Complaints submission form which is located within the Complaints Procedure here.

I have changed my name, can I get a replacement certificate in my new name?

You will need to provide iTEC with the following:

  • Your original certificate(s) and unit transcript(s)**
  • A signed covering letter explaining why you are requesting the change of name
    • the letter must include a return address
    • the letter must include a contact number so that VTCT can call you to take payment (there is a £37.50 fee per certificate for this service). If you have an email address please also include this so that you can be contacted should VTCT not be able contact you by phone.
    • ** If you have lost the original certificate(s) please indicate this within the covering letter

A certified copy of your identification (do not send originals):

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Driving licence

A certified copy of the legal documentation confirming the name change (do not send originals):

  • Marriage / civil partnership certificate
  • Decree absolute
  • Change of name deed or deed poll
  • Public announcement
  • Police report (change of name due to personal safety)

How do I get a copy of a document certified?

The above documentation must be posted to us, recorded delivery recommended. Once received VTCT will make contact with you to take payment. 

Where the above criteria has not been fully met, iTEC retain the right to refuse requests for name changes.

How do I get a replacement certificate/diploma/badge?

To request a replacement certificate/diploma, visit the Replacement Certificates page here. Replacement diploma requests are issued within 20 working days from receipt of request.

All replacement certificates will be annotated “Replacement” as agreed with the regulatory authorities. We cannot enter into any correspondence regarding awards which do not appear on our records.



When I have achieved an iTEC qualification what letters can I put after my name?

If you have achieved a Certificate at levels 2-4:

iTEC Cert [and then the qualification name]

If you have achieved a Diploma at levels 2-4:

iTEC Dip [and then the qualification name]

Is my qualification recognised outside of the UK?

VTCT is the leading specialist awarding organisation in the UK for qualifications in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy with over 55 years’ experience of awarding qualifications both within the UK and Internationally. Two years ago VTCT acquired ITEC Awarding Organisation and ITEC branded qualifications are now awarded by VTCT. VTCT is officially recognised by Ofqual – Recognition Number: RN5198. Ofqual are the UK Office reporting directly to the UK Parliament for qualifications and regulation.

Each VTCT (ITEC) qualification bears a QAN number, which provides assurance of validity and authenticity and that it is on the RQF – Regulated Qualifications Framework. The UK regulatory framework articulates with the EQF – European Qualifications Framework for recognition of qualifications by international employers, governments and professional associations.

The European Union recognition of professional qualifications mapped to the EQF is enshrined in law through the Lisbon Recognition Agreement reference Article 13 Directive 2005/36/EC.

Further information of VTCT’s and therefore also ITEC’s credibility as a UK and International Awarding Organisation and the validity of VTCT and ITEC qualifications:

https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ofqual/about#who-we-are – Confirmation that Ofqual are the UK Office reporting directly to the UK Parliament for qualifications and regulation

https://www.gov.uk/check-awarding-body-recognised– Can independently check that VTCT is recognised by Ofqual

https://register.ofqual.gov.uk/ – Can check recognition status of either a Qualification or an Organisation on the register

https://register.ofqual.gov.uk/Search?category=Organisations&query=VTCT&status=Available%20to%20learners – Proof that VTCT is recognised. Recognition Number: RN5198

• The UK National Recognition Information Centre www.naric.org.uk NARIC provides information and advice on qualifications worldwide.

https://www.vtct.org.uk/europass/ Europass – VTCT and ITEC branded qualifications have been aligned to the EQF, and we provide Europass Certificate Supplements for VTCT (iTEC) qualifications, which validates skills and qualifications across Europe for mobility and employability. Furthermore, we have market recognition with employers for our VTCT (iTEC) qualifications

We confirm that for all the qualifications being delivered Internationally, iTEC branded qualifications are Externally Quality Assured/Examined by us and meet with our assessment strategy, which is audited and regulated by Ofqual.

All our qualifications can be found on our website, bear the QAN number and provide detail of the learning hours and assessment requirements: http://www.itecworld.co.uk/find-a-qualification/

It is strongly recommended that you contact the Embassy or High Commission of your intended destination country, as they will be able to advise you about the transferability of qualifications and any other evidence which may be needed to work and to gain insurance.

Europass service

This is a service shared across Europe and is made up of five documents designed to help learners highlight their qualifications in an effective way to prospective employers and higher/further education providers across Europe. It is free and enables people to present their competences, skills and abilities in a clear, understandable way, removing the barriers sometimes faced when applying for jobs or continuing education abroad – https://www.vtct.org.uk/europass/

What do I do if I think that there is an error in my exam paper?

Notify your exam Invigilator immediately. Your Invigilator will refer the matter immediately to the Exams Officer.