Weekly Webinar – iTEC UK Centre Update

iTEC UK Centre Update Webinar

The webinar for UK iTEC centres was held on Wednesday, 28th October 2020 as part of our Weekly Webinar series. You can access a recording of this webinar in the secure area of our website here (Centre login required)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions in respect of iTEC qualifications for the academic year 2020/2021.

General Questions

Are online hours counted on registers?

Yes online hours do count as teaching hours. Centres need to maintain registers of the delivery hours in whatever format i.e., actual in-class contact time, online tuition, self-study etc.

Guidance on guided learning hours and recommended total qualification time can be found within the Qualification Specifications for each qualification on the website.


Will the A&P exams also still be available in person as well as online?

The ideal scenario would be learners completing their online MCQ in a classroom setting where normal invigilation rules apply, but this will of course depend on timing and local restrictions.

Will there be flexibility with final exam booking dates if students fall behind with unit requirements?

Yes, iTEC will be flexible with dates as much as possible, communication is crucial to keep bookings updated on specific circumstances.

COVID Qualifications

Should we book separately for the COVID qualification?

If you have new learners and want to register them separately for the Covid 19 qualifications you can do so immediately in the normal way.

Are current students, who started pre COVID-19 lockdown required to complete the Level 2 Infection Prevention course?

We would recommend them to take the exam, but if the centre can prove that they were registered before the 1st of September they are not required to.

How much does the pre-requisite qualification cost per student?

Each qualification costs £20 per learner

Can learners take the COVID qualification after their main qualification is completed?

Ideally, learners would complete the qualifications prior to their practical units, but if they have completed their practical units prior to the restrictions, they can take them retrospectively.

The COVID-19 qualifications are now pre-requisites to all iTEC qualifications which have a hands-on skills element. As such, they should be completed prior to beginning any practical work within the main qualification to ensure that learners are aware of all of the health, safety and hygiene requirements in relation to COVID-19.

Is this an online, remote certificate?

Yes, the Covid 19 qualification can be completed online.

All of the unit documentation can be found here. The supporting materials which align to the unit specification can be used to deliver the qualification remotely. The multiple-choice theory paper is available online.

What is the pass mark for this qualification?

The pass rate is 70%

Given the current financial climate, is there a possibility of waiving the fee?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.