Mental Health Awareness Webinar

Mental Health Awareness Webinar

We held a webinar to launch our brand new Level 1 Award in Mental Health Awareness on Wednesday, 25th November 2020 as part of our Weekly Webinar series. You can access a recording of this webinar in the secure area of our website here (Centre login required)

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With Mental Health issues affecting 1 in 4 people every year, we recognise that there is a need to provide education on mental health awareness and insight to barbers, hairdressers and therapists so they are able to best respond in these situations.

Our qualification helps learners develop a knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing, allowing them to better understand the range of mental health conditions and how they affect individual lives as well as the impact on society and the world.

The webinar will talk through the reasons behind the development of the qualification, the learning outcomes, assessment methods and specific examples of how it can be used in our sectors. We will also be joined by two guest speakers.

As part of the webinar, we invited special guest speakers Mary Pugsley, MBE and Cleo Mccormack.

Mary is the founder and owner of Hair@theAcademy in Exeter. Mary discussed her thoughts on mental health and how this new qualification will help the work that she does with disadvantaged people in Devon.

Hair@theAcademy has been running since 2014. Mary works tirelessly to support those furthest removed from education or work-place environments; with disabilities, additional needs or in the care system, from as young as 13 who are battling against the odds.

Cleo Mccormack is a passionate advocate of mental health in the workplace. She is currently Wella Studio Manager in Dublin, where she has been for 14 years. Previous to this she has worked with Toni and Guy and Aveda.

She has studied Psychology, Philosophy and psychoanalysis and is constantly updating her skills, currently working towards a masters in Executive Coaching, while also studying The Science of Wellbeing (mental resilience).


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will add any frequently asked questions that we receive relating to the Mental Health Awareness qualification.

General Questions

How much does this qualification cost?

The price per learner is £35.

How is this qualification delivered?

Online delivery and assessment are the main teaching method, but this qualification can also be taught face to face.

At what age group is this qualification aimed?

This qualification can be taught to anyone aged 14+.

Do you need to have taken the qualification in order to teach it?

Best practice would suggest those delivering and assessing should complete the qualification.

What Level is this qualification?

This is a Level 1 qualification.

If we aren’t qualified to diagnose, how can we support if we recognise symptoms?

The qualification is designed to develop an awareness of appropriate signposting rather than diagnosis.

Would this be a suitable course for students studying other subjects alongside it?

Yes, it is designed to be an overall awareness and applies to any sector.

Are any additional resources available?

Is funding available for this qualification?

Funding is available from 16-19, Adult Skills, ESF and OLASS and Teaching in schools for Wales.

What is the assessor criteria?

Assessments are externally set and marked.

What are the next steps in development?

A Level 2 qualification is in development.

When will this qualification be available?