Qualifications Portfolio 2019/20

Qualifications Portfolio 2019/20


World-class Qualifications for International Futures

As a market-leading specialist Awarding Organisation in the services to people sectors, everything we do is focused on ensuring that learners have the required skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to gain a rewarding
and fairly paid job of their choice.

Over the last year, we have reviewed our portfolios of qualifications to ensure that our qualifications remain relevant in our ever-changing markets. As such we have consulted our industries through our centres, as well as
our in-house subject matter experts, to understand how best to refresh our portfolios making it far easier for our centres to find the provision they require for their learners.

Whilst there are a number of key changes, which you’ll see in the new qualifications, the quality and rigour behind our qualifications hasn’t changed. Please note that the qualifications listed here do not constitute the full portfolio. If your qualifications are not listed, they remain unchanged. The full list of qualifications can be found in the 19/20 Qualifications & Fees books due out shortly.

This is why we have developed sector-specific career pathways, and you will find these at the back of each Qualification & Fees Book.

Changes to qualifications and what they mean:

1. Refreshed qualification – Some qualifications have undergone changes to ensure they meet the latest industry requirements. The qualification will be live and operational from the 1 September 2019. Find out
more about our refreshed qualifications below, along with the list of newly refreshed qualification titles

2. Replaced qualification – Some qualifications that have been identified as containing overlapping content with another existing qualification, meaning it will be replaced by the most up to date and relevant

3. Withdrawn qualification – Qualifications that have been identified to have had low/no uptake, that are no longer valid within their content, or no longer offer a direct line of sight to employment/further education.
Therefore the qualification will be withdrawn

Once these changes start rolling out from 1 September 2019, it is imperative to follow the latest qualification and unit documentation available on this website. Make sure you check the relevant documents for the qualification you are registered on.

How a qualification has been ‘refreshed’?

All of our qualifications are now completely up to date to the industry standards and best practice. Our portfolio of qualifications is designed to prepare the learner to be ‘fit for purpose’ in the workplace and thereby help them to secure a rewarding job. These changes may include:

Qualification Number (QN) – All iTEC branded qualifications will have a new regulated Ofqual register Qualification Number.

Product code – All units and qualifications will have new product codes to help easily identify them. How these product codes are created can be seen in the supplement Guide to Product Codes.

Title – Some of the refreshed qualifications have had title amendments to ensure they are most representative of the qualification’s content.

Unit content – All units have undergone a technical review, updating the content to ensure they follow all industry trends.

Assessment – The method of assessment for your qualification may have changed to ensure each unit’s assessment criteria will be assessed by the most valid assessment method, as detailed in the new qualification and unit specifications.

Grading – To ensure the validity of the qualifications, how some iTEC qualifications are graded has been refreshed. All graded mandatory units contribute to the overall grade. Optional units are Pass/Fail and the minimum requirement of optional units will need to be passed to achieve the qualification.

Documentation – To better reflect the iTEC brand, all qualification and unit documentation has been refreshed to bring it in line with the enhanced identity.

Terminology – Some previous terminology has been updated, for example, unit specifications will take the place of unit syllabus, and internal assessment criteria, such as assignments, treatments evidence, and case studies will all be referred to under a portfolio of evidence.


Have any questions?

Consult our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact the regional business development manager for your region (RBDM). Details can be found here.


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To look for qualification update information, first select the sector in which the qualification appears below.

If the sector is not listed, then there are no changes planned.


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