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ITEC Course Accreditation

What is the ITEC Course Accreditation service?


The iTEC Course Accreditation service enables organisations to have their courses validated and accredited by iTEC.

It is an opportunity for organisations to add credibility to their CPD courses, and benefit from the quality, reliability and competence of endorsing with a globally recognised awarding organisation. These include more specialised courses that fit with a particular niche.

Our service is for employers and training providers all over the world who want to deliver specialist training to meet the needs of their business, industry sector or local region.

We have previously accredited courses in the following sectors; wellness, fitness and related hair and beauty CPD.


Our Accredited Partners

You can find a full list of our accredited partners here.

What are the benefits of having a course accredited by iTEC ? 

Benefits of course accreditation include:

A Gold Standard – Organisations can benefit from having their course accredited by a globally recognised and trusted awarding organisation. This provides customers with the confidence in the quality, competence, safety and reliability of the accredited providers.

Quality Assured – our team ensures that a course meets the recognised industry benchmarks, demonstrating its quality and credibility. A iTEC Course Accreditation provides an independent assurance of technical competence; which can help set your organisation apart from the competition.

Customer Accreditation Pack – Once a course is approved and contracts have been signed, the customer receives our Accreditation Pack which includes a welcome letter and logos for use within the accreditation term of 24 months.

Guidance & support – Our endorsement team offer expert advice on suitability of courses for this service. The team will meet with you, and offer support with your application as well as answering any queries you may have in the pre-contract meeting.

Process and Application

iTEC review potential applications to ensure your course is suitable for this service. A comprehensive desk based review will be carried out, including the course syllabus, teaching materials and underpinning policies. Approved applications will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss terms and conditions of the contract.

iTEC will not conduct any formal exam assessments as part of the scheme, but have the right to oversee quality as necessary.

The graphic to the right outlines the process to getting your course endorsed, but if you need more information please email accreditation@itecworld.co.uk

To begin your application process, click the button below to complete an enquiry form.