Accreditation Application

Cost and Application Process

The iTEC Course Accreditation Service is open to all training providers, who wish to promote their courses as being endorsed by iTEC and recognised for quality.

The approval process will include a detailed review of the training materials, course/lesson plans and all supporting physical and staff resources.

Once the application and full payment has been received, a desk-based review will be conducted by an iTEC Accreditor and this will involve a remote interview with the applicant and any staff involved in course delivery.

At a minimum, the desk-based review will include:

  • Photos of the premises, including training rooms & Centre facilities
  • Course syllabus
  • Course/schemes of work/lesson plan
  • Teaching materials
  • Equipment list (if applicable)
  • Health and safety policy
  • Complaints policy
  • Training staff CVs and certificate copies


The cost of the iTEC course accreditation service is £2,000 per course and once approved, iTEC accredited course status remains in place for 12 months. The iTEC accredited certificate of attendance costs £35 per student.


Applying for Accreditation

Please ensure that you have carefully read and understood the iTEC Course Accreditation Terms and Conditions before completing and returning the application forms to iTEC. As an Accredited Course Provider, you must adhere to iTEC’s Course Accreditation Terms and Conditions.

Required documents must be submitted as electronic copies via email only. iTEC no longer stores paper copies of course providers’ documentation and therefore any paperwork submitted as hard copies will incur a return fee of £25 payable by the course provider.

All documents submitted to iTEC will be kept strictly private and confidential and will be held for the duration of the accreditation. Should the accreditation be terminated or withdrawn, all documents will be deleted.


Accreditation Requirements

To comply with iTEC standards for Course Accreditation all training providers/employers/organisations must comply with the following guidelines and provide all requested information and documentation pertaining to the accreditation process.

Course providers must:

  • Provide copies of their organisational policy and relevant procedures for Health and Safety including specific COVID 19 health and safety measures
  • Provide copies of their organisational complaints policy and procedure
  • Provide information on who is responsible for:
    • course development
    • course delivery
    • assessment methodologies
    • first aid and health and safety
    • training facilities and laundry arrangements
  • Provide evidence of staff qualifications and CPD information
  • Provide copies of any relevant teaching/learning/presentation materials to be used in the course/lessons
  • Provide copies of schemes of work/lesson plans and assessment details
  • Provide details of the relevant websites, social media accounts and promotional material that will include course advertisements and information about the accredited course


Accreditation Application Form


Section 2 Course Details

Please attach schemes of work, lesson plans, and list of equipment available to deliver your course.
Max. file size: 15 MB.
Please include copies of manuals and resources used to teach the course.
Max. file size: 15 MB.


Provide details of the staff involved in the delivery, assessment and internal quality assurance of the course:

Course Accreditation Application Checklist


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