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Infection Prevention and Control: Why we should not neglect client safety

The latest public opinion statistics show that people in the UK still have anxiety around the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. As the beauty, hairdressing, barbering, clinical aesthetics and sports & fitness industries largely offer tactile, close contact services, infection prevention and control strategies benefit clients, staff and society at large.

The Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way we live and operate for almost two years, emphasising social distancing and close contact precautions.  From hairdressing and barbering to beauty therapy and personal training services, our industries, in particular, have had to practice extra vigilance to keep the public safe. Even with social distancing measures slowly being eased and a prompt vaccine rollout, this responsibility to ensure our industries observe and teach infection prevention and control practices still remains.

Infection Prevention and Control: What do the figures say?

Despite the relaxation of rules and restrictions, public opinion still shows a cautious approach to Covid rules.  According to the latest YouGov statistics, almost half of people in the UK still fear catching COVID-19 and are avoiding public places despite the relaxed restrictions. Similar sentiments are expressed by the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics(ONS) with a high proportion of adults reporting that they felt taking infection prevention and control measures to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) were either very important or important.

What does this mean for our industries?

Our industries have always been renowned for safe and hygienic practices. However, these figures highlight that there is a new facet to the social responsibility that hair, barbering, beauty, fitness and other close contact service sectors have to the public. An added responsibility to embed specific Covid-19 infection prevention practices to their stringent health and safety measures. This social responsibility spans the entirety of our industries from experienced practitioners to training providers shaping future professionals and ensuring they leave ready to treat clientele in the safest possible way.

It is paramount that businesses continue to operate in a way that serves the best interests of their staff, clients, community, and society at large to not only quell public fears but do their part to stop the spread of Covid-19.

What you can do?

Everyone should be following UK government infection prevention and control legislation, however, there is still more you can do. Gaining a sector-specific Covid-19 infection prevention qualification gives you the information to fully understand all of the factors and steps you and your learners can take to keep the public safe.

Not only does this increase the knowledge base of practitioners delivering close contact services but a certification in infection prevention shows clients that you are committed to their safety.

iTEC & VTCT have implemented a suite of infection prevention qualifications that are mapped to each of our sectors including beauty, hairdressing, barbering, clinical aesthetics, and sports & fitness. These qualifications contain bespoke treatment-specific content that encourages a far deeper knowledge than the general advice in the working environment.

Our suite of sector-specific Infection Prevention qualifications cover content such as causes, transmission, and effects of COVID-19, the importance of social responsibility, and the methods used to control transmission, such as correct hand hygiene and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  As well as the safe working practices required to protect practitioners and their clients.

You can also visit the UK Government website for the latest Covid-19 advice, as well as the NHS Infection prevention and control information hub.

Click the links below to view further information about our suite of Infection Prevention Qualifications:

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VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Complementary Therapies and Sports Massage

VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Sport and Fitness Sessions

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