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Advent Calendar Day 25

Merry Christmas!


Over the past 24 days, we’ve spotlighted a selection of iTEC and VTCT qualifications along with a wide range of careers that these qualifications can lead to.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the opportunities behind every advent “door” with our daily posts that featured new content every day this month.

If you have missed any days or want a recap, you can find links for each day in today’s image above, or the whole countdown to Christmas will remain live at www.itecworld.co.uk/christmas.

For each qualification and career that we featured, we created a helpful PDF full of insights from industry and education experts. We’d encourage our training providers to download copies of these PDFs and use them in your marketing efforts.

Combined, iTEC and VTCT offer hundreds of qualifications that all lead to a whole host of careers options within each sector; it was difficult to select just a few for this advent calendar. If there are other iTEC & VTCT qualifications or careers which we weren’t featured at this time, but that you would like to see us spotlight, please let us know.

If you would like further information about any of the qualifications we have featured, you can visit the ‘Find a Qualification’ section on both the iTEC and VTCT websites. Feel free to visit our career pathway pages on both the iTEC and VTCT websites to download high resolution copies of our Career Pathways (up to A3 format) and see what other career options are available through our qualifications. Posters and pop-up banners can be order for just the cost of production.

As it is now day 25, Christmas Day, iTEC & VTCT wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to supporting more learners into rewarding careers in 2020.