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iTEC & VTCT training provider Tracey Simpson hailed at Micro-pigmentation UK Awards

Tracey Simpson Lifetime AchievementiTEC & VTCT training provider and entrepreneur, Tracey Simpson, has been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award for Micro-pigmentation” at the Micro-Pigmentation UK Conference and Awards 2019.

The event aims to unite the UK’s industry leaders, praise those practising safely and champion high standards of education for all aspects of micro-pigmentation in the UK. When we asked Tracey how she felt to be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award she said, “I am elated to have been chosen; my mission is to continue the work I’m doing to raise standards. My work is the art of my life, and to be recognised for my contribution to the industry really means everything to me. I will use this title to continue to make positive changes in the industry.”

Tracey is the founder and owner of Natural Enhancement, a London based semi-permanent make-up specialist company. She has been in the industry for 20 years and has always had a passion for beauty and semi-permanent make-up.

As well as running a successful business, Tracey has worked extremely hard on creating her own educational programme to ensure learners are coming out of her academy with the best education possible. She has previously worked with awarding bodies to put together National Occupational Standards and a Code of Practice for micro-pigmentation. Additionally, she assisted in the collaboration and creation of a Level 4 micro-pigmentation qualification and provided guidelines for safe practice when delivering treatments.natural enhancement London

We spoke to Tracey about her work as a training provider and thought leader in the industry. Speaking about her business, Tracey praised her team at Natural Enhancement as one of the reasons for her success as a training provider and pioneer in the industry. The other contributor to her success, she believes, is recognising that the learner is the most important person in the classroom and that the learning journey should be as accessible as possible. Creating a passionate working and learning space is extremely important to Tracey, “Being passionate is important in life. Passions give me a purpose. It is not just about knowing, it’s about feeling like I am on the right path in life and that gives me, my company and my learners hope for a happy and exciting future.”

Tracey’s work doesn’t stop there. She continues to focus on Ofqual regulated qualifications for level 4 a standard requirement for practitioners, with the aim to have a standardised syllabus focussed on the safety of the client and therapist.  Tracey is also working on bringing industry leaders and influencers together to demand a higher standard of products and regulation throughout the industry. She hopes to bring more safety to treatments by stopping products coming into the UK that are not CE certified, and making sure all learners are required to be educated on the Health & Safety requirements that come with the treatments.

We want to extend a huge congratulations to Tracey for her award win and her continuing efforts to bring best practice and safety to the industry.