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Launch of the Hair and Barber Council Economic Impact Report

The Hair & Barber Council launched its Economic Impact Assessment Report, sponsored by VTCT, in the Palaces of Westminster on 22nd May at a reception attended by key people from the industry.

The report is the result of first-of-its-kind research demonstrating the positive impact of the hair and beauty industries on the UK economy.

The empirical data showed some impressive results confirming that the value of the sectors to the UK Economy is between £5.6 and £6.5bn UK-wide (up to £5.7bn from England, £125m from Northern Ireland, £237m from Wales, and £448m from Scotland).

Since it’s inception in the 1960s, the Hair Council’s objective has been to increase the number of Hairdressers who register on the official UK Register of Qualified Hairdressers. Unlike many other industries, state registration in this sector is voluntary. One of the key recommendations of this new report is a push for mandatory licencing of hairdressers, barbers and the beauty sector throughout the UK, to ensure that standards remain high and that people administering these services are appropriately trained and qualified to do so.

Our CEO Alan Woods spoke at the launch of the report, alongside host John McNally MP, highlighting that quality learning and training is the driver of continued prosperity.


Other recommendations from the report included:

The sector should be recognised as a creative industry by the UK government

A request to Government to improve careers advice to accurately represent the realities and excellent professional opportunities available.

Detailed primary research into the value of the Hair and Beauty Sector should be carried out, gathering data from businesses on the direct, indirect and induced impact of the sector in terms of business expenditure, GVA and employment.

A recommendation that the Government asks the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to routinely publish more detailed GVA statistics for the Hair and Beauty Sector.


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