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Key partnership forged between Council of Health and Beauty and iTEC

Alan Woods presenting partnership award to the CHB Chairperson Joanne ChanOn Monday, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between iTEC and the Council of Health & Beauty in Hong Kong. This acknowledges a joint partnership between the UK-based iTEC and the Hong Kong-based Council, strengthening their professional relationship and reinforcing their collaboration.

The first to benefit from this partnership are those studying the Cosmetic Light Therapy qualification in Hong Kong. Technical experts from the Council of Health and Beauty and iTEC have worked together to map each other’s qualifications in Cosmetic Light Therapy. As a result of this, learners who now successfully achieve the Professional Certificate in Cosmetic Light Therapy will gain the VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 Diploma in Laser and Light Treatments, the equivalent of studying at 1st year university level in the UK.

On 11 March 2019, the Council of Health and Beauty celebrated the first set of graduates achieving this qualification in Hong Kong. Commenting on the importance of this offering, Alan Woods, OBE, Chief Executive of iTEC & VTCT, explained:

“Attaining one qualification with international recognition provides a great opportunity for learners, enabling both employment in Hong Kong and internationally, with worldwide recognition. The ability to obtain an internationally recognised qualification will open new doors for career progression and opportunities for these graduates and for future learners.

We see across a number of industries and professions in every country throughout the world, demand for higher-level regulated qualifications that demonstrate competence in skills. The world of the 21st century is not that of the 20th century and that ability to change, to learn, to aspire will enable and support students of every age to have a direct line of sight to a job or achieve new skills, within their careers, which leads to new opportunities, higher salaries and greater job satisfaction.”

We extend a huge congratulation to the new class of Cosmetic Light Therapists graduating for all their hard work, as well as their tutors, friends and families for supporting them in their academic careers. We wish them luck in their future career endeavours and also look forward to seeing what further successes may be born from this new partnership between iTEC and the Council of Health & Beauty.