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Beauty Secrets: Essential oils- The way forward

The skin is the largest organ in the body and this is why it is so important to know how to take care of our skin.  

Everybody’s skin is different and the iTEC Aromatherapy qualifications equips learners with vital information on how to take care of the skin.

In order to achieve clear and smooth skin, here are three essential oils you may not know much about…

  • Tea Tree oil

This essential oil is fantastic for banishing pimples overnight. Simply take a few drops and place directly on your spot and go to bed.
The antiseptic and antibacterial properties in Tea Tree oil, will repair your skin and you should notice the following morning a significant decrease in the size of your spots.

Tea Tree oil is very potent and in order to avoid irritating the skin, it should be diluted with a carrier oil such as; olive oil, coconut oil or sweet almond oil.

  • Lemon oil

Not only does Lemon oil have a number of domestic benefits, but it also helps reduce hyperpigmentation, sunburns and dark spots.
Lemon oil is very concentrated so it’s a good idea to mix and dilute with water before applying on to your skin.
Invariably Lemon oil can be used as a natural skin toner to even up your complexion. With its antibacterial properties, Lemon oil also works to purify and refresh the skin.

  • Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is fantastic for healing scars and promoting smoother and clearer skin. It is a powerful moisturizing and anti-aging ingredient that leaves the skin repaired and rejuvenated.
Vitamin E oil can be used under your eyes to prevent wrinkles and it is also good for combatting dry skin and helps to fade stretchmarks.

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