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iTEC & VTCT launch new look certificates

As leading Awarding Organisations, iTEC & VTCT are committed to delivering the highest standards for our centres and learners. 

To that end we have invested in enhanced security for our certificates issued for both iTEC and VTCT. In addition, this year, iTEC & VTCT was rebranded, therefore, in line with our new brand, we are pleased to announce that the iTEC & VTCT certificates have been redesigned with our new brand identities and enhanced security features.

Special features of the new certificates include:

  • High quality security paper: Making it extremely difficult for counterfeits and alterations to be made.
  • Personalised UV Text: On each certificate iTEC & VTCT is printed in invisible Ultra Violet ink into the background design.
  • Security Hologram: Our certificates have the best visible deterrent to copy fraud.
  • Microtext: The words iTEC and VTCT have been reduced to a scale requiring magnification to read. To the naked eye, the text appears as a solid line.

We are dedicated to ensure that all rebranding reflects our values, and as an organisation we are confident that our learners have access to high quality and secure certificates.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the new certificates please e-mail info@itecworld.co.uk