Career Pathways

A new career for the new year

We have created these flyers to illustrate the pathway to a new career. Whether you are already working in one of the exciting industries and want to advance your career, or you are making a complete course adjustment, there are a lot of options available. Each career pathway shows you the level of schooling you need to obtain the job you want. Through our website, you can both “Find a Place to Study” as well as “Find a Qualification” that will work for you.

We have developed pop up banners for centres to display.

You can now purchase these online. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to place your order.



Career Pathway Banners and Posters

For ordering pop-up banners, A1 and A2 posters.
  • We now have posters and pop-up banners available to order: Please select the Brand from the checklist below. If you would like to order multiple posters/banners of the same size for different sectors, you will need to submit another form.

  • 800mm x 2200mm Cassette Pull-up banner with carrying case
  • A1 Posters are 594 x 841 mm
  • A2 Posters are 420 x 594 mm
  • All sales are final. An invoice will be sent to your organisation to verify this purchase.
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