Weekly Webinar: VCRF (VTQ Contingency Regulatory Framework)

Introduction to the VCRF

We held a webinar as an introduction to the new Ofqual VTQ Contingency Regulatory Framework on Tuesday 2nd March as part of our Weekly Webinar series. You can access a recording of this webinar in the secure area of our website here (Centre login required)

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Please note that the VCRF covers all of our qualifications, no matter where they are delivered. Please keep up to date with your local government regulations in respect of the delivery of close contact services.

Due to the fact that current information from the VCRF is proposed only and not yet clarified by Ofqual, we are not able to answer all questions submitted at this stage. As soon as the information is released from Ofqual we will update any additional answers here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will add any frequently asked questions that we receive relating to this webinar.

When will the guidance documents be published?

This is an important question and we need to wait for the consultation to close before we can publish anything. Please be assured that we will publish this asap.

Can we start to do practical assessments?

There have been many questions about this recently and we have published information in recent e-shots directly to centres. So, for education settings, practical assessments can go ahead.

End-point assessments are different because they are work-based assessments that have to align with industry and public health guidelines for your local area so you are covid secure.

Is it too late to register a learner?

The first step in the process for supporting your learners on their learning journey is to register them on the qualification. Your Exams Officer will be able to confirm which learners are registered.

We would also recommend that you review all in progress learners to withdraw any learners that are no longer at your centre. This was an important first step in the work we did last summer.

Will the EQA still require to see any graded assessments when our industry re-opens?

The EQA arrangements will be confirmed once the proposed VCRF consultation has been completed and Ofqual has responded which will be near the end of March, we will then be able to give further updates on this.

Can the learners work on their education bubbles from the 8th March?

Education in England reopens on the 8th March, other nations will have their own timelines. The decision to proceed with formative or summative assessments in educational settings is the responsibility of centre staff and centre management. Assessments in workplace settings should not go ahead at this time.

Do these proposals apply to qualifications being delivered in Ireland?

Ofqual has worked with regulators across the nations, the VCRF is applicable to all regulated qualifications. The alternative arrangments will be the same for the qualifications regardless of the nation they are delivered in.

Can my Hair VRQ students sit their on demand exams during March?

Yes, there are no restrictions on accessing on-demand theory exams.

Do NVQ learners need to sit all exams?

We will be doing further webinars explaining the differences between the assessments for the VRQs and NVQs.

Are theory exams still happening or can assignments cover these?

This depends on the specific qualification your query relates to. There are no restrictions to accessing on-demand theory exams, however, series based exams have been cancelled.

Shall we start filling out adaption forms from last year?

The documents and processes for VRQs will be confirmed once the proposed VCRF consultation has been completed and Ofqual has responded which will be near the end of March, we will then be able to give further updates on this.