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Mental Health Awareness 1 Year On – How are we doing?

Thursday 20th January, 11:30 am


One year on from launch, we’re looking at the impact of our Mental Health Awareness suite of qualifications – on the workplace, on our industries, and on individuals who have used the qualification to improve their lives and those around them.

Mental Health Awaress statistic 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues each year


We’ll show you how you can make an impact on your learners, your businesses and your well-being by undertaking training in Mental Health Awareness.⠀

We will be speaking to a panel of special guests about how education in Mental Health has improved our industries and the workplace as a whole. We’ll also be talking to an inspirational centre and former learner turned educator who has overcome his own challenges and flourished in his career.

This webinar is open to everyone, whether you are a Learner, Training Provider or Employer.

Tom Chapman

The Lions Barber Collective

Lions Barber Collective logo

The Lions Barber Collective is a group of passionate individuals raising awareness for men’s mental health and training barbers to recognise the signs within their clients. This enables them to offer their clients support and signpost them to the help they may need.

It all began in 2015 when the founder of The Lions Barber Collective, Tom Chapman, gathered a group of top barbers with the vision of creating a hair cut based look book in aid of charity. Having recently lost an old friend to suicide Tom made the decision to use the look book to raise money for suicide prevention.

Tom will be talking about how education in mental health can have a positive impact on the barbering industry, for clients and colleagues alike.


Cleo Mccormack

People Success Coach


Cleo is a passionate advocate of mental health in the workplace, and her role as People Success Coach with IT company Version 1 helps colleagues to realise their potential. Previous to this, as a hair professional, she spent 14 years as Wella Studio Manager in Dublin and has also worked with Toni and Guy and Aveda.

She has studied Psychology, Philosophy and psychoanalysis and is constantly updating her skills.

Cleo is a fully trained Executive Coach and is currently studying Organization, Development and Transformation as part of attaining Masters in Business Science MSc.

Cleo will be talking about the vital importance of workplace mental health, about how we can benefit from learning more about our own mental health and skilling ourselves up to help others.

Mary Pugsley, MBE

Founder, Hair@TheAcademy

Founder and owner of Hair@theAcademy in Exeter, Mary Pugsley MBE, will be discussing her thoughts on mental health and how this new qualification will help the work that she does with disadvantaged people in Devon.

Hair@theAcademy has been running since 2014. Mary works tirelessly to support those furthest removed from education or workplace environments; with disabilities, additional needs or in the care system, from as young as 13 who are battling against the odds.

Mary will be sharing examples of how education in Mental Health Awareness has helped to break down barriers and help her learners thrive and achieve, no matter what their circumstances.

Tyler Gray

Educator, Hair@TheAcademy

Tyler Gray is a true example of what can be achieved from learning in a mentally healthy environment. Learner turned educator at Hair@theAcademy and one of Mary’s former proteges, he now delivers the Level 1 Award in Mental Health Awareness at the centre and enjoys supporting learners with complex mental health and learning needs as a way of supporting learners in the same way he was.

His determination to succeed and empathy with his learners makes him an inspiration to all, not just those in his chosen field. He will be talking about how he gives back to the services that helped him get to where he is today.

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This webinar is open to everyone, whether you are a Learner, Training Provider or Employer.