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Celebrating a Year of Partnership with MHDPro

In the summer of 2017, we created a partnership with MHDPro, a globally-acclaimed organisation that specialises in online hairdressing and barbering courses. To celebrate the anniversary of our partnership, we’re publishing a series of blogs about MHDPro and their work in the hairdressing industry. Additionally, they have a special offer for our VTCT and iTEC centres so read on to learn more.

Who is MHDPro and why did we decide to partner with them?

MHDPro is a pioneer of online hairdressing and barbering training. MHD Productions – MHDPro’s parent company – was founded in 2008 and was the first to use the internet as an education platform for the hairdressing industry. MHD Productions has spent the last decade producing a substantial collection of hairdressing and barbering training videos.

By collating those videos into structured courses, MHDPro provides a flexible, affordable and effective education tool designed to raise standards and reduce costs. Supporting colleges, salons, hairdressers and barbers, MHDPro’s courses cover every hairdressing and barbering discipline at every experience level. Their content features world-leading hairdressers and educators including Mazella&Palmer, Snowden Hill and Tracey Hughes.

Mark Butcher, Managing Director at MHD Productions is enthusiastic about the partnership: “We’re delighted to be celebrating a year of working with the largest specialist awarding organisation in the hair and beauty sector. We’re looking forward to closer collaboration in the future, working together to help bring the highest standards to educational organisations and businesses around the world.”

What makes MHDPro courses different to other online hairdressing trainings?

It’s easy to see the vast amount of material available in the public domain for online hairdressing courses. However, the majority of this content could be unregulated and unendorsed. This means there’s a serious risk that techniques are flawed, teaching methods are ineffective and the videos themselves are of questionable quality.

Sarah Oglesby, MHDPro’s Director of Quality Assurance, explains what makes MHDPro’s videos different: “All our videos are demonstrated in real-time and shot from 3 camera angles, meaning they’re easy to follow and absorb. In addition, we’ve developed the unique See – Do – Stop – Check methodology, engaging and motivating students while empowering them to learn quickly and effectively.”

Each course is made up of 5 video tutorials, with every lesson building on skills covered in the previous one. “The structured approach of video tutorials engages multiple parts of the brain, delivering a multisensory learning experience that’s incredibly effective,” Sarah adds. “This means that techniques are learned, repeated, embedded and then taken to the next stage. At the end of the course, learners have developed a robust understanding of the principles and are able to transfer their new skills.”

MHDPro’s courses are grouped by both experience level and category – which means it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Starting at £19.95 (plus VAT), they also offer a cost-effective solution to the training conundrum. What’s more, for every completed course, the participant earns 10 hours’ CPD.

MHDPro’s has produced a succinct Take the Tour video illustrates why salons, colleges and individuals around the globe are embracing MHD style e-learning as a flexible and cost-effective training solution.

You can find additional details about the See – Do – Stop – Check methodology in this How It Works video.

VTCT & ITEC centres can claim 50% off an MHDPro course of your choice

As part of our celebrations, we’re delighted to be able to offer all VTCT and ITEC centres a 50% discount off an MHDPro course of your choice. From cutting and colouring to salon health and safety, check out the numerous categories to find the course that meets your precise needs. Then simply add it to your basket and use coupon code VTCEN50 to claim your discount.

Watch this space for more details about the fantastic benefits MHDPro delivers. Next month, we’re focusing on the recently launched Health & Safety Certification for Hairdressers and Barbers.

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