Online Enrolment - Getting Started

Online Enrolment - Getting Started

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Online registration / booking / enrolment

Online Registration and Enrolment allows ITEC Registered Centres to enrol learners, onto ITEC programmes online, by completing a simple form or uploading a formatted file. This speeds up the process, and ensures that the names of your students are entered correctly.

To begin with you will need a reference and login password to access the Online Enrolment process, If you have not yet received your password and would like to use the online enrolment system, click here to request yours now.

Once you have your reference and password click here and follow the simple onscreen instructions to begin to use Online Enrolment.

To view the ITEC processes you need to follow when enrolling learners, please click here. If you have questions, please email: or call us on: +44(0)20 8994 4141.

Paper Based Enrolment

Coming soon, all registrations and bookings can be made online.

However, if you don't wish to use online enrolment you can still download forms, booking request form's should be submitted 12 weeks in advance of the required date.

If you are a student looking for more information about enrolling on an ITEC qualification, please click here.