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iTEC & MHDPro collaborate to raise Health and Safety Standards

In the second of our blogs about our partnership with hairdressing and barbering educators MHDPro, we’re turning our focus to health and safety.

MHDPro has recently launched its comprehensive Health & Safety Certification for Hairdressers and Barbers. With 15 tutorials spread across three modules, it’s designed to ensure that stylists and students understand current health and safety legislation and best practice. Read on for further details and to discover how to claim 50% off the course.

MHDPro shares iTEC’s passion for raising standards across the industry

Just like us, MHDPro is committed to raising health and safety standards across the hairdressing and barbering industry. (It’s one of the reasons we decided to partner with them.) Its Health & Safety Certification is designed to educate hairdressing and barbering students about every aspect of health and safety in the salon – and help salon owners protect their businesses.

Sarah Oglesby, Director of Quality Assurance at MHD Productions, explains the decision to launch the certification: ‘There are currently around 41,450 hairdressing and barbering businesses in the UK – and many of them already maintain incredibly high standards. However, failure to do so can result in damage to a salon’s reputation, injury to hairdressers and barbers or allergic reactions amongst customers.

‘For example, while incidents of dermatitis have been significantly reduced in recent years, the industry still has one of the highest rates of work-related skin disease in the UK – and that’s something we’re determined to change. We want every hairdresser and barber to understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace and consistently adhere to safe and hygienic working practices.’

VTCT’s Chief Commercial Officer Marcus Bull is enthusiastic about the launch: ‘We are committed to the delivery of best practice and maintaining high standards within salons and the creative industry. This certification reflects an industry wide calling for standards to be raised within the sector .’

Modules cover health and safety in the context of legislation, consultation and working practices

So, what about the content of the course itself?

Module one of the course covers key health and safety considerations. Focusing on legislation, it teaches students about their legal duties when it comes to good health and safety practice. In addition, the module highlights how to deal safely with chemicals, avoid dermatitis and prepare tools and equipment.

The next module focuses on consultation, cross-infection and infestation. Delving into the importance of providing a consultation – as well as technical knowledge of treatments, services and products – module two also covers the biology of hair structure and skin.

Finally, module three is all about safe working practices. It covers hair and skin testing – including identifying the condition and strength of the cuticle and cortex – and the possible outcomes of a chemical service.

As with all MHDPro courses, students are able to learn at a pace that suits them – stopping, pausing and rewinding until they’re sure they’ve understood and processed all the information. For each video, they take multiple choice tests where they’ll need to achieve 70% or above before they move onto the next stage. In addition, students can download and display their VTCT & iTEC certificate as proof of their qualification.

Don’t miss your chance to claim a 50% health and safety certification discount

We’re celebrating the anniversary of our partnership with MHDPro. As part of those celebrations, VTCT and iTEC centres are able to claim 50% off all MHDPro courses, including the Health & Safety Certification for Hairdressers & Barbers. Simply add the course to your basket and use coupon code VTCEN50 at checkout to get your course at half price.